Parish Council Meeting Minutes
25 July 2012

Present: Cllrs. C. Brice, J. Brice, Long, Pengilley, Turner, District Councillor Martin and M. Dymond (Clerk). Three members of the public also attended the meeting.

12.77 Apologies and Declarations of Interest

Apologies had been received from Cllrs. Dymond and Cooke, also from PCSO Brown. Cllr. Pengilley declared an interest re. item 12.86 Church Grant. As Cllr. Dymond was absent, Cllr. C. Brice chaired the meeting.

12.78 Public Participation

Members of the public came to offer an update on 12.81 Skate ramp; they agreed to wait until item was discussed during meeting.

12.79 Representatives Reports

1) County/District Council – Kate Little has been appointed as the new Joint Head of Planning for Torridge and North Devon. New efforts are being made to come up with a Draft Copy of Local Plan, which could provide coherent policy when dealing with wind turbine applications.

2) Village Hall – None

3) Youth Club – None

4) PCSO/Police Report – Over the last thirty days no crimes had been reported, no calls logged.

12.80 Minutes of Parish Council Meeting from 27 June 2012

Minutes were approved and signed off as a true record.

12.81 Matters arising from last Minutes

Skate ramp – Clerk explained that she had started to investigate sources of potential funding. Viridor did not seem to be an option, but she had been given information regarding alternative possibilities. Members of the public, who had initiated project, informed councillors that they had prepared a letter, which they hoped would be endorsed by Youth Club leaders, as well as the Village Hall Committee. For the time being, they would liaise with clerk and keep her updated about any progress made. Councillors had spoken to owners of properties directly adjoining the playing field and, in principle, they were not opposed to project. However, councillors decided that the parish community needed to be given more information about the project, so that all parishioners would have the opportunity to engage with it. It was decided to place article in next month’s “Eagle” and have same article published on website. All agreed.

Actions taken: Clerk to write article to be published in next edition of “Eagle” and to to liaise with Cllr. Pengilley, so that article can be put on website.

Declarations of Interest – Clerk had asked councillors to bring completed forms to meeting, as they had to be sent off to Torridge District Council by end of month. She collected six completed forms and passed them to Cllr. Pengilley, who will copy relevant information, so that it can published on website by 31 July 2012. Chairman’s form was missing, as he did not attend meeting. Clerk will contact him tomorrow.

Actions taken: Cllr. Pengilley to pass on completed forms as soon as possible to clerk, so she can send them to Ken Miles at TDC. Cllr. Dymond (Chair) to be contacted by phone to ask him to send off completed form and to provide details needed for website.

Chairmanship Short Course Feedback – Vice-chair updated councillors present about course that he and chair had recently attended. Course provided some insight into responsibilities and powers of a chairman; for example it highlighted the chairman’s right of casting vote. Some guidance was provided in how to control meetings and how to handle hecklers. On the whole though, the training was more concerned with town councils. However, it gave the attending councillors some insight in how town councils work and members of the public could be reassured that councillors had received relevant training. The course was only designed to cover the basics; ideally there should be a separate event that covers only parish councils. This feedback was noted, but due to low take up numbers it is unlikely to materialise. Regarding feedback, the vice-chair pointed out that during the event it was noted that “Public Participation” and “Public Feedback” should appear next to one another on agenda. One councillor explained that the existing order was in place to enable public to comment on current meeting. On the other hand, it was stated that for any issues that arose out of a meeting, public should contact councillor, so that item could be put on next agenda. All agreed with current arrangements, but matter needs to be discussed again when chair is present.

Actions taken: Item to be discussed at next meeting, provided full council present.

12.82 New Matters

Standing Orders Update – At the last meeting councillors had decided to adopt new Code of Conduct, in line with Torridge District Council. This new code included paragraph which stated that should councillor have declared interest that public deemed could affect his/her judgement, councillor should leave room when matter is discussed. Originally, as Cllr. Martin explained, Torridge had agreed on this to be included in new Code of Conduct, but it was voted out by full council. Yarnscombe PC had agreed to include this paragraph. The adoption of the new Code of Conduct meant that Yarnscombe Parish Council’s Standing Orders had to be amended in order to accommodate all changes. This was put to the vote and all agreed.

Actions taken: Standing Orders to be amended accordingly.

Consultation re. Dog Control Orders – New Dog Control Orders would give Dog Wardens greater power. Not only could they hand out on-the-spot fines, but their jurisdiction would cover all of Torridge. So far, they could only intervene if dog fouling occurred between speed limit signs of towns/villages. Cllr. Martin urged parish council to take part in consultation via website.

Actions taken: Clerk to liaise with councillors and take part in consultation via TDC’s website.

Consultation re. Payments by Parish and Community Councils – Up till now, any payments made by local councils were usually made by cheque and had to be countersigned by two councillors. This consultation explores the possibility of introducing internet banking to parish and community councils. All councillors were concerned about internet speed and connection problems in a rural area such as Yarnscombe. High Speed Broadband should, according to information published by the government, be available to all areas within UK by 2015. Until then, councillors had serious concerns about using internet banking for financial transactions.

Actions taken: None at present.

Localism Bill – Parish Plan

Clerk had contacted Clive Burnage, who is the contact person for any parish wishing to update their Parish Plan or wanting to create a Neighbourhood Plan. Mr. Burnage had replied and is willing to attend next meeting in order to provide some background information. Cllr. Martin advised caution regarding Neighbourhood Plans, as they can be very costly. It was suggested to simply update Parish Plan, so that new ideas and aspirations could be included. All agreed that this may be the best way forward.

Actions taken: Clerk to formally invite Clive Burnage to next meeting.

12.83 Planning

1/0126/2012/FUL Installation of one wind turbine (34.2m to blade tip), access and associated works – Revised/additional information received. Land at Ham Farm, Alverdiscott, Devon – Application granted

Clerk had included application, so as to enable councillors to keep track oflocation of wind turbines in this and surrounding parishes.

Actions taken: Keep monitoring new applications.

1/0367/2012/FUL – Erection of 11kw wind turbine (max 24.8m to blade tip), Yelland Farm, High Bickington, Umberleigh, EX37 9BX for Mrs Kate Price

All agreed that Torridge District Council should be made aware of social impact wind turbines have on communities. Any application should also comply with TDC’s guidelines re. wind turbines.

Actions taken: Clerk to pass on comments to Planning Department.

12.84 PROW – Monthly Report

Strimmer had been repaired, invoice including new safety glasses and mixer bottle to follow. Strimmer is P3 property, therefore being stored by footpath warden. Steps down Ward Lane had been strimmed, also paths at Langley Barton had been strimmed.

12.85 Public Feedback


12.86 Accounts

Church Grant £40.00. At a previous meeting, it had been decided to give Parochial Church Council grant of £40.00. At the time, Cllr. Pengilley had declared an interest, as he acts as treasurer for PCC Yarnscombe. It was therefore decided that he could not countersign cheque and as the other signatory Cllr. Cooke was absent, payment will have to be made next month. All agreed.

Actions taken: Clerk to put payment of £40.00 to PCC Yarnscombe on next month’s agenda.

DALC Chairmanship Training £30.00

All agreed. Cllr. Brice asked for his travel expenses to be reimbursed.

Actions taken: Clerk to send off cheque to DALC and put travel expenses on next month’s agenda.

Parish Online Annual Subscription £12.00. All agreed to renew subscription.

Actions taken: Clerk to send off cheque to Parish Online.

Financial Tracker April to June 2012

To be circulated within next few days.

Meeting closed at 8.40pm.

1 August 2012