District Councillor (James Morrish);

County Councillor (Andrew Saywell).

Here is a list of the current Yarnscombe Parish Councillors. You can click or tab to a link-coloured name to send e-mail to the corresponding councillor. You can also view the Councillors’ profiles and their Register of Interests. (As a relatively new councillor, Cllr. Stephens’ interests are held on the Torridge District Council Register of Interests.)

Chairman: Chris Brice [Chris Brice's photograph]     Clerk: Martina Dymond [Martina Dymond's photograph]
Councillors: Denys Cooke [Denys Cooke's photograph] 858270     Dan Farr [Dan Farr's photograph] 560483
  Harold Martin [Harold Martin's photograph] 561214     Richard Pengilley [Richard Pengilley's photograph]  
  Rachel Stephens
Playing Field representative
[Rachel Stephens' photograph]       Paul Williams [Paul Williams' photograph] 561178