Annual Report 2023 (April 2022 – April 2023)

Yarnscombe Parish, what a year to remember.

We started the year finally coming out of a global pandemic, something we are grateful for and will never forget. But as we stepped from one disaster, another erupted in the Ukraine that we, unfortunately, are indirectly involved with.

However, we as a community came together on the 5th June 2022 to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee at the Yarnscombe Victory Hall. In true Devon style it can be said to be both a well attended and well fed event. For the local parish children a commemorative coin was given. Unfortunately, little did we know that within four months the Queen would die on holiday at Balmoral Castle, aged 96 years, from “old age”, something I would think we would all wish for.

The Queen’s son Charles has on the 6th May 2023 been crowned king and will be known as Charles III. Again in true Yarnscombe style a celebration was held at Victory Hall the following day. The event again was well attended, with food generously given by local people. For the children of the parish a commemorative £5 coin was given, though I believe they enjoyed the rides around the hall on the steam train more.

For the Parish Council life rolled on as normal, putting the views of local people to the ears of both District and County Councillors, hopefully with some effect. Maintaining the playing field, helping local groups with grants as required. I could rant about potholes, but unfortunately have come to believe divine intervention is the only answer.

On a final note I wish to thank Paul Williams for his time on the council. For those who are unaware he was a Parish Councillor for 10+ years and Footpath Warden for 6+ years. He will be remembered for his work in setting up the Air Ambulance landing site on the playing field, a life saver. We all on the council wish him well.

Christopher Brice (Chairman, Yarnscombe PC)