Annual Report 2024 (April 2023 – April 2024)

This has been a fortunate year as we have witnessed no events dramatically affecting our parish. The main good point of celebration on the 6th May 2023 was the coronation of Charles III, for which a party was held at Victory Hall. This was well attended, with a good time had by all. A big thankyou goes to the organizers of this celebration.

Financially the Parish Council has remained within budget and, through good management, able to hold the precept for 2024–2025 at 0%.

With regard to works over the year, we have managed to replace the fencing on the lower and right sides of the playing field. The cost of this was material only as all labour was supplied by volunteers led by Councillors Denys Cooke and Dan Farr.

In addition we have also ordered the materials to replace the upper fence of the playing field. This will be a galvanized park fence with an expected life of 15 years, work commencing in the next few months. Note:- weather-dependent.

Potholes are an emotive subject, a case of God verse Devon Highways; bets on who’s winning?? To assist in this and to help parishioners we have now paid for and placed a permanent advertisement in the Eagle on how to contact Devon Highways on this issue if it affects you. Please be aware that Parish Councils have little to no impact on this matter, it is up to the individual to report issues.

Last year, following the resignation of Councillor Paul Williams, a vacancy arose. This has now been filled, with Richard Ellison volunteering and co-opted onto the council. He is a retired solicitor who has served on other councils in the past.

Christopher Brice
Chairman, Yarnscombe PC
22 May 2024