“Eagle” Notes



To provide additional communication and interaction with residents, this page contains the Parish Council notes from the parish clerk published in the “Eagle” village magazine each month. (The December issue also covers January of the following year.) This page will contain the latest notes together with those for the previous two issues of the “Eagle”.

August 2021

Finally, the day has come. The UK is set to lift the last remaining Covid restrictions on 19 July 2021; in other words, “Welcome back to Yarnscombe Parish Council meetings!”

At our next meeting, on 28 July (every fourth Wednesday of a month) and from then on, there are no restrictions on the number of people who would like to attend. Due to Covid, there have been no village events and it has been hard to get to know the new residents of Yarnscombe. At present, we have the full complement of councillors, but if you’re curious about what we do, just pop in and stay for as long as you like.

Potholes — an issue that will never go away. As a parish council we pass on any concerns to Devon County Council and our Neighbourhood Officer but, as County Councillor Saywell pointed out in his latest report to councillors: “I have highlighted the poor condition of the roads from Rooks Cross in this parish to the Neighbourhood Highways Officer following the elections and will continue to liaise with him to get some improvement works done. Regarding potholes, it is really important that residents continue to report potholes and other highways defects. I cannot stress enough, this is a numbers game, the more potholes reported the more likely it is we can have permanent repair works like resurfacing take place.” To report potholes and any other highway defects visit devon.cc/report.


  1. Conversion of barn to dwelling including associated works, Agricultural barns at grid reference 255466 122722, Yarnscombe, Devon, Ref. No. 1/0349/2021/FUL — Application permitted.
  2. Extension to existing agricultural shed, Land to the north of Lower Delworthy, Yarnscombe, Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 3LT, Ref. No. 1/0508/2021/FUL.

July 2021

By the time you read this, Yarnscombe Parish Council should have held its first face-to-face meeting since the beginning of the pandemic. As the time of writing it has just been announced that the easing of all restrictions on 21 June 2021 has been delayed for four weeks, so at our first meeting on 23 June we have to adhere to a limit of six people attending. Hopefully, at our July meeting (28 July 2021), we will be able to welcome members of the public once more.

We know that several families have moved into the village over the last couple of years, but due to lockdown restrictions village activities have come to a stop. After the final easing of restrictions, it has been suggested to hold a village event that brings everyone together. It would be a good opportunity to bring everyone together and put faces to names. Councillors would like to stress that parishioners, old and new, can contact councillors anytime by phone or email (see contact details).

The council has just passed its internal audit and the relevant documents will be published on the website in due course for inspection by the public.


  1. Variation of condition 2 (to amend the approved restoration scheme) of planning permission DCC/3956/2017 which extended the lifetime of the non-hazardous and asbestos waste landfilling and associated facility until 2025, Devon Waste Management Limited, Deep Moor Landfill Site, High Bullen, Torrington, Devon, EX38 7JA; Ref. No. 1/0560/2021/CPZ

June 2021

Due to government legislation, from 7 May 2021 online council meetings are no longer permissible. We are at the moment looking for the best way forward and working together with the Village Hall, so that we eventually (after 21 June 2021) can hold face-to-face meetings once more.

Generally speaking, online meetings worked well for us and not all of us feel ready to return to the “real” world. Especially, our county and district councillors favoured online meetings as it gave them the chance to attend many meetings without the need to travel. If possible, we will use wi-fi at the village hall to potentially hold hybrid meetings, where councillors could attend in person or virtually. Naturally, we will follow guidelines as outlined by the village hall and our first meeting should take place on 23 June 2021. Please check the website and notice board (now located in the bus shelter) for latest updates.

On 28 April 2021 we held our Annual Parish Meeting and our Annual Parish Council Meeting online. Cllr. Brice was re-elected as chair and Cllr. Newberry was elected as vice-chair. Cllr. Newberry has over the last year chaired the Yarnscombe Community Response Team and we welcome him and Cllr. Jeffery as our newest councillors. At present, we have the full complement of seven councillors.


  1. Conversion of barn to dwelling including associated works, Agricultural Barns At Grid Reference 255466 122722, Yarnscombe, Devon, Ref. No. 1/0349/2021/FUL