“Eagle” Notes

To provide additional communication and interaction with residents, this page contains the Parish Council notes from the parish clerk published in the “Eagle” village magazine each month. (The December issue also covers January of the following year.) This page will contain the latest notes together with those for the previous two issues of the “Eagle”.

November 2020

Everyone living in the parish is well aware of the poor road conditions. It is therefore worth noting that Devon Highways are looking for feedback from local communities as to what people consider a priority re. potholes and general repair. Hopefully, we can arrange a meeting with Darryl Jagger, our local Neighbourhood Officer, and pass on relevant information. Councillors will collate their own sources of information but any input from parishioners would be very welcome. Please pass this information on or contact the clerk or any of the councillors.

Regarding the Air Ambulance site on the playing field: one goal post has been modified so that it is movable. Cllrs. Cooke and Williams will meet up on the playing field to ensure that the appropriate area is kept free. One goal post can be permanent subject to approval by Toby Russell (Air Ambulance Trust). Chippings to be used at the entrance of playing field are in a secure location for now and will be laid down as soon as weather allows.

In these times, Covid-19 touches every aspect of our lives. Apart from holding meetings online, the council is in contact with district and county councillors and any relevant information will be published on this website (yarnscombe.org.uk) or on the Yarnscombe Facebook page. If you can, it is well worth a look, as the situation changes almost on a weekly basis and any advice given and published will reflect this.


  1. Prior notification for the change of use of agricultural building to one dwellinghouse and associated building operations under Class Q, agricultural building At Sittycleave Farm, Yarnscombe, Devon, Ref. No. 1/0927/2020/AGMB.

October 2020

Good News!! Two members of our community have come forward to stand as councillors and fill the two remaining vacancies. At our last meeting, Ian Newberry was co-opted and next month Peter Jeffery hopes to do the same. Both men are well known within the community; over the last few months Ian did an excellent job chairing the Yarnscombe Community Response Team and Peter has been working as a general handyman within the parish for years.

As the Covid-19 pandemic shows no sign of abating, the council has decided to continue with online meetings. After using ZOOM for the first few months, from next month on we will be using JITSI as our online platform. It offers vital advantages: it is free, video conferencing for up to thirty participants doesn’t present any problems and there is no time limit on meetings. As with ZOOM, basic instructions and meeting ID will be provided on agendas. Any member of the public who would like to join a meeting can contact the clerk to obtain the password.

Finally, we realise that not everyone is able or indeed inclined to rely on online communication. In the past, minutes, agendas and any other news were put on the village notice board for everyone to see. It has been refurbished, but we are now looking for a new, suitable location. If you would still like to have a village notice board, please suggest a location or locations, and we will investigate to find the most suitable one.


  1. Fodder Store – land at Bowling Green Farm, Yarnscombe, Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 3LW, Ref. No.: 1/0695/2020/AGR – Application permitted.

September 2020

All councillors would like to express their thanks to Ian Newberry and all volunteers of the Yarnscombe Community Response Team for their work over the last few months. Full written report of their activities will be presented at the next council meeting.

Cllr. Saywell from Devon County Council, who joined our last online meeting, assured us that at present DCC is ranked 149 out of 150 upper-tier local authorities for having the lowest amount of coronavirus infections in the population, with only North East Lincolnshire ranked lower. Torridge is ranked the lowest out of the lower-tier local authorities in the whole country. He stressed the need to remain vigilant and follow social distancing guidelines.

Cllrs. Brice, Pengilley and the clerk trialled a new online meeting platform, which is free to use and allows more time and participants per meeting than Zoom. At the last meeting, we briefly discussed how and when we can return to face to face meetings. For now that would mean holding meetings outdoors in an appropriate setting. In whatever format meetings will be held, please refer to the home page or the agendas page for latest information.

The clerk has been informed by Torridge District Council that the two existing vacancies on the parish council can be filled by co-option. That means, if you’re interested just contact the clerk or any councillor and at the next meeting you would have to present yourself to the other councillors, who then vote whether to co-opt. It is a very simple process with minimal paperwork.


  1. Prior notification for the change of use of an agricultural building to one dwelling house and associated building operations under class Q – Agricultural shed near the Beeches, Yarnscombe, Barnstaple, EX31 3LW. Ref. No. 1/0371/2020/AGMB – Application refused.
  2. Agricultural shed, Land at grid reference 254269 123724, Yarnscombe, Devon. Ref. 1/0419/2020/FUL – Application permitted.